Patan Community Based Rehabilitation Organization, Shankhamul, Lalitpur, Nepal

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Day Care

Since 2000, Patan CBR has been operating a day-care centre for children with multiple disabilities, in Shankhamul, Lalitpur. In 2002, this centre was extended to provide a unit for specialist education for children with educational disabilities.

Disability awareness

In a country where disability was, until recently, hidden away, one of Patan CBR’s main objectives is to increase awareness at all levels, from families to central government. Patan CBR produces a range of material – brochures, leaflets, training material – and works actively to increase awareness through workshops, seminars and individual contact.

As a result of improved awareness at family and community level, there is less stigma attached to disability and more children are reported to the organisation and receiving support.

Families and children increasingly see school attendance as a realistic option and feel motivated to work harder to increase functional capacities. Once in school, the incentives multiply. Parents make extraordinary commitments such as carrying their children to school each day, helping with daily life skills and maintaining a rigorous schedule of therapy, often on top of work and other demands.

Increasingly, government and non-government organizations are incorporating disability issues in their agendas.

Disability prevention

It is estimated that around 40% of disability in the region is due to disease and accidents, both of which are largely preventable. Improvements such as a clean environment, a balanced diet and safer roads could have a large impact.

Patan CBR provides education on disability prevention at all levels from school upwards.

A large part of this effort is aimed at improving girls’ understanding of the needs of both mothers and their children during pregnancy and after birth.

Community Physiotherapy Clinic

This program has been started in 2010 January after the phase out of the SCNN. Rotary International, Rotary club of Newberg, Germany, district 1840 provided the equipments of the clinic in assistance with Rotary Club of Patan west district 3292. During day time we provide the physiotherapy services to the children of the centre. In order to sustain it we are accepting the community patients also.Since we are not for profit making organization, we charge very nominal amount to the community out patients. We have two professional and highly qualified Physiotherapists.

Skill Development Program

Vocational service is one of the praiseworthy services of the organization. We are providing training to those C/YWDs, who are capable of doing work. These training includes envelop making, candle making, incense, pop corn, cumin powder making, coriander powder making etc. We hope these types of skill development training help them in raising quality of their life to some extent.

School Education Program

Patan CBR provides the school education to those who are capable to learn something. Under this program 30 CWDs are getting education. We use visual communication rather than lecture method to make understand them.

Other Programs

Besides these we are providing disability and physiotherapy orientation programs to the community people. Similarly, home visits, advocacy, mass awareness, identity cards for the PWDs, medicine distribution are our regular programs.

Building Construction Appeal

  • Patan CBR Disability friendly building construction
  • Appeal for help


Patan Community Based Rehabilitation Program was initiated in 1995 AD with the initiation of Patan Lady Jaycees. It is registered in District Administration Office, Lalitpur and Social Welfare Council in 1999 AD as separate organization and has been working for Children With Disability. It is community based rehabilitation service provider with non-profit motive and is not politically alined organization.

It works for differently-able children of community based rehabilitation service all over 22 wards and 19 VDC of Lalitpur sub-metropolis, 9 vdcs of Kathmandu district, 2 of Nuwakot District and Bidur municipality

Patan CBR has served 1800 children in day care and home visit till date through school, home visit, field program and day care service . Since 2010 AD, this organization has been providing physiotherapy service to control disability and public health improvement. Also special training and production program is undergoing through skill development unit.

For obtaining the organizational goal, there has been tremendous support of donor agencies SC Nepal, On-Q Australia and Rotary International District 1840, Rotary Club of Newberg, Germany and Rotary International District 3292, Rotary Club of Patan West. Its prime donor SC Nepal has cut-off the financial support and has been providing only technical counseling service since 2010 AD.

Purpose of Building Construction

There are altogether 19 Staffs in Patan CBR including part time staffs that has been working as a family. But it does not own building of self. Dedicated to serve disable children of Lalitpur, Kathmandu and Nuwakot districts this organization, if could not be financially sustainable in near future, this noble deed of service has been interrupted by default in house rent and staff salary management. Thus ownership of building of self building could help for its smooth operation in some extent. Thus Patan CBR Organization has formed Patan CBR Building construction committee on 4 Asoj 2067 and accelerated the constructional work. Patan CBR program has been granted the pati of Man Mukteshwor Ratnapriya Mritunjaya Ghat of Shankamul, Lalitpur Sub-metropolis ward number 15 (Kha) Plot number 30 with area 0-3-3 land for the reconstruction program by Lalitpur sub-metropolis. Thus every interested kind-hearted donor are requested for donation in cash or kind is highly acknowledged for the sustainability of the organization to serve People With Disability.

To meet the organizational goal, following fund-raising regularities has been formed to obtain the support from the well wishers of Patan CBR.

1. Membership Criteria

1.1 Custodian (A): Donation of Rs 300000.00 and above at once or in installment with payable within 1 year or the donor constructing 1 room completely is considered as a custodian of Patan CBR. Name and photo of the donor will be there in the room. The estimated costing of a room on its completion is as follows. Interested donors are requested to support with prior commitment
Custodian (B): Donor buy land for playground, garden and similar utility memorial park of stone craved.

1.2 Sreyakar Membership : Rs. 100001 -200000 at once or in installment payable within 1 year

1.3 Super Membership : Rs. 50001 to 100000

1.4 Honorary Membership : Rs. 25001 to 50000

1.5 Respected Membership : Rs. 10001 to 25000

1.6 Respectable Membership : Senior consultative service provider

1.7 Kalyankari Friendly Membership : Labor Donation

2. Other Rules

2.1 500001 and above : Honorary Medal and Certificate stone-carved

2.2 5000 and above : Certificate and name stone carved. Also name with photo are
published in bulletin
2.3 500 and above : Name is published in bulletin
2.4 Building Expansion program and
2.5 Custodian

3. Patan CBR Building construction Trust
To accumulate the donations for building construction from the above donors, a building construction Trust has been formed. According to the rules of Building Construction Committee, the trust can be regulated by at least two of the four the regulators of this trust including Chairperson of CBR, Chairperson of the Building construction trust, Secretary and treasurer.

Funds raised under the categories other than building construction are deposited in respective CBR fund section.

Advisory Board

  1. Narsingh Byanjankar
  2. Saumendra Newa
  3. Shambhu Pradhan
  4. Syamananda Suman
  5. Amarman Joshi
  6. Hiranya Prakash Dhar Shrestha
  7. Sumitra Rajbhandari
  8. Manju Kandel
  9. Surendra Man Shakya
  10. Sunita Pradhan
  11. Bekha Maharjan
  12. Rajendra Tandukar
  13. Magal Maharjan Legal Advisor

Executives of Patan CBRO Building Committee

  1. Chairperson – Motishanti Shakya
  2. Secretary – Rajesh Bajracharya
  3. Treasurer – Chhaya Juwa
  4. Co-Tresurer – Mina Shakya
  5. Members –
    Naresh Pradhan
    Indira Joshi
    Looniva Chitrakar
    Bijayalaxmi Shrestha
    Ramola Rajbhandari
    Bidhya Shakya
    Alina Shrestha
    Umeshwori Shrestha

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Letter of Commitment

The Patan CBR organization good deed from my/our side commitment
Tick the the proper option/Choice

  1. Trustee (A)- 3,00,000 (three laks) / room sponsor
  2. Trustee (B)- Land Donation
  3. Custodian
  4. Share Membership: 100001 -200000 at once or in installment payable within 1 year
  5. Senior Membership: Rs 50001 to 100000
  6. Honorary Membership: Rs 25001 to 50000
  7. Respected Membership: Rs 10001 to 25000
  8. Respectable Membership: Senior consultative service provider
  9. Kalyankari Friendly Membership: Physical
  10. Other help cash/ kind

Type of donation in kind
Type of help: Personal Institutional
Name of Donor:
Contact: (Residence) (Mob) (Office)
I hereby declare that the above mentioned description is true and commit for permission to process required from Patan CBR Organization.
Full Name: