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Title: Report on disability study in some selected VDCs of Lalitpur district
Category: sample survey- social
This study was carried out by Patan CBR for World Vision International, Lalitpur. The sample villages are Bungamati, Dukuchhap, Godamchour, Harissiddhi, Khokana, Sainbu, Thaiba.

Report says that the prevalence of disability in the villages of Lalitpur district is different as. It has been found that the farther the area (southern remote parts) from the central parts of the district, the more is the prevalence of the disability.The prevalence of disability in the most remote parts of the district where the roads are not accessible, was found to be more than 5%.

The study was carried out with focus group discussion of the Female Health workers.in the 8 villages of the district.

Some of the variables it studied was, education, profession, training, social participation, age at onset of the problem, medication, immunization, ID card etc. 

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