Patan Community Based Rehabilitation Organization, Shankhamul, Lalitpur, Nepal

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Working Area

Patan CBR works in all five sectors of the 5*5 matrix developed by the World Health Organization. The five sectors we work are Health, Education, Livelihood, Social and Empowerment of the Persons with Disabilities.


We provide medical care, rehabilitation related to physiotherapy and physical therapy and assistive devices to the Children with Disabilities


We provide applied education by the technique of special education to the Children with Disabilities so that they can apply the education in their daily life


Under this we provide skill development training, financial services and services related to social protection schemes provided by the Government of Nepal to the Youth with Disabilities and their families.


Under this we advocate and communicate along with community mobilization so that the CwDs and their families are empowered.

About Us

Patan Community Based Rehabilitation (Patan CBR) Organization is a non-profit and non-politically allined and non-religious organization working for the betterment of Children With Disabilities using CBR approach within Lalitpur district. Till now, our service has reached in all the six rural municipalities of Lalitpur district. Currently, it is providing daycare facilities in its central office and running Inclusive Education projects in two rural municipalities of southern parts of the district.

Our Major Activities

Since 2000, Patan CBR has been operating a day-care centre for children with multiple disabilities, in Shankhamul, Lalitpur. In 2002, this centre was extended to provide a unit for specialist education for children with educational disabilities.

Disability awareness

In a country where disability was, until recently, hidden away, one of Patan CBR's main objectives is to increase awareness at all levels, from families to central government.

Disability prevention

It is estimated that around 40% of disability in the region is due to disease and accidents, both of which are largely preventable.

Physiotherapy Clinic

This program has been started in 2010 January after the phase out of the SCNN. Rotary International, Rotary club of Newberg, Germany, district 1840 provided the ...

School Education Program

Patan CBR provides school education to those who are capable to learn something. Under this program 30 CWDs are getting an education. We use visual communication rather than the lecture method to make understand them.

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Right to Education

Right to Education program has just started in Konjyosom and Mahankal Rural Municipality from 2021. The main objective of the project is to promote the right to education of girls, children with disabilities and dalit students of all five wards of Konjyosom and all wards except Thuladurlung in Mahankal.


We receive very little funding from the Government of Nepal and rely on donations and sponsorship from charitable organizations and individuals. We had a major donor SCN Norway (SCNN) up to 2009. It used to support 64% of the total expenditure of the organization per year.

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