Patan Community Based Rehabilitation Organization, Shankhamul, Lalitpur, Nepal

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It is our great pleasure to introduce you to a new program report on the right to education of girls, dalit, and children with disabilities through advocacy to the local govt., the provincial govt. and central govt., funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland through local partner Interpedia ry with effect from January 2021 to December 2024. This report describes you the activities carried out in the year 2021 in the southern parts of Lalitpur district called Konjyosom Rural Municipality and Mahankal Rural Municipality. The program covers five wards of Konjyosom Rural Municipality namely Chaughare-ward no 1, Shankhu – ward no 2, Dalchowki- ward no 3, Nallu- ward no 4, Bhardeu- ward no 5, and 5 wards of Mahankal Rural Municipality, namely Bukhel- ward no 1, Mahankal-
iii ward no 2, Gotikhel – ward no 3, Kaleshwor- ward no 4, Chandanpur- ward no 5. The main objective of the program is to make all children regardless of their disability, sex, caste and religion enjoy their childhood in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment.

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