Patan Community Based Rehabilitation Organization, Shankhamul, Lalitpur, Nepal

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About Patan CBR


Patan Community Based Rehabilitation Organisation (Patan CBR) is a non-profit non politically allined social organization established in 1999 AD. Initially providing rehabilitation services to just 60 children within the historic town of Patan, it has succeeded in expanding three districts of Nepal – Lalitpur (including Patan), Kathmandu and Nuwakot.

Patan CBR provides services for Children With Intellectual/Multiple Disabilities including:

  • Day-care centre
  • School Education program
  • Skill training
  • Physiotherapy to the CWDs and to the out patients
  • Class for Children with Autism
  • See the Our activities page for more information about our activities.

It has been estimated that, before the establishment of Patan CBR, 90% of children with disabilities were completely ignored by their family members and communities – the treatment of disability was such that even parents would not expose their sons and daughters to society. Due to intensive efforts by Patan CBR, awareness within communities has been improved and parents are now willing to refer their children to centres and organizations providing CBR facilities.

Altogether, 14 full time staff and 2 part time staff are working in the organization. Similarly, 5 part time field staff are working under the new project called “Accountable and Inclusive Education Project 2017-2020” at 5 remote villages municipality of Asrang, Gimdi, Thuladurlung, Malta and Pyutar.

District Profile

The region covered by Patan CBR – Lalitpur, Kathmandu and Nuwakot districts, has a total area of around 1900 square kilometres. The area includes the cities of Patan and Kathmandu, but two-thirds of the district lies in hilly and remote areas, communities that can only be reached on foot.

It is estimated that around 5% of the population of the area – over 124,000 people – suffer from some form of disability. This number includes around 50,000 children.

The most common type of disability is physical, but other disabilities are frequently encountered – visual, hearing, intellectual etc.

An impossible target in such a diverse area and with our limited staff? This is where the CBR methodology starts to work. Our small, highly-trained core staff of “rehabilitation facilitators” works with and trains local volunteers, families, teachers etc to ensure the rehabilitation occurs where it is needed – in the community.


We receive very little funding from the Government of Nepal and rely on donations and sponsorship from charitable organizations and individuals. We had a major donor SCN Norway(SCNN) up to 2009. It used to support 64% of the total expenditure of the organization per year. But from 2010 January SCNN phased out its program in disability sector and we are forced to halt many programs that have been providing for the most deprived and the marginalized people of the society.

So we need funding to continue our field programs and we are looking forward to work with new funding organization international or national which are interested to work in disability sector.


If you are the profit making organization, you can help Patan CBR organization under the social responsibility.

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small, private business, our fundraising team will work with you to develop a sponsorship program for your company. All of our corporate partners receive personal, customized service in order to design a sponsorship program that benefits both your company and Patan CBR Organization. Whether it’s fundraising, donating goods or services, or volunteering in one of our Future building Projects, we will ensure that you get the most out of supporting us and our partners overseas.

Strategic Partnerships

We understand that your business has its own objectives and goals. As a result, we will work closely with you to ensure that your aims are achieved through an effective, inclusive, and fun partnership.

Our Future building Projects allow you to focus not only on your corporate social Responsibility, but they can also help develop the skills of your staff to meet your company values.

What can Corporate Fundraising do for you?

There are many advantages to supporting an international development organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in the developing world. From generating valuable Public Relations opportunities for your company to having a positive impact on your staff, corporate fundraising for Nepal will be a rewarding enterprise for your organization. Some of the many benefits of working strategically with Patan CBR Organizationl:

  • Highlight your social responsibility
  • Boost your company’s profile
  • Share your skills and learn valuable new skills through Futurebuilding
  • Raise staff morale
  • Help retain staff
  • Increase unified goals across all departments and roles
  • Increase your publicity without advertising costs
  • Offset charitable giving under company corporate tax
  • Build highly effective teams through our Futurebuilding programs
  • Be part of positive social change
  • Improve your fitness by preparing for and completing a Challenge Event
  • Have FUN through fundraising