Patan Community Based Rehabilitation Organization, Shankhamul, Lalitpur, Nepal

+977 1 5260291

Our Achievements

Patan CBR has achieved much since its establishment in 1995:

  • CBR facilities have been provided to over 2000 children. As a result, around 1100 have developed their functional capacity sufficiently for them to lead a more independent life.
  • 90% of children receiving help from CBR now participate in social activities due to improvements in their ability.
  • Awareness within the families and communities of disabled children is much improved. Parents who were reluctant to expose their children now bring them for registration at Patan CBR without hesitation.
  • Disability issues are now included in the annual plans of a variety of organizations: Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City, DDC-Lalitpur, Bidur Municipality, Rotary and Lions clubs, etc.
  • Improved public awareness has resulted in greater numbers of disabled children being referred by government and non-government organizations, their communities, families, etc.
  • Over 400 community people have been benefited by our community physiotherapy clinic within three years of operation.
  • Awarded by certificate of appreciation by Women Development Office, a government body under ministry of Women Children and Social welfare for the outstanding service provided to CWDs.
  • 5 CWDs have been referred to the main stream education after reducing their disability.

Till now over 600 CWDs got identity card as an advocacy work of PCBR. It helped them in getting the facilities provided by the government.