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LAMC meeting at Konjyosom

On July 14, a meeting was held with the Local Advocacy and Monitoring Committee (LAMC) at Konjyosom Rural Municipality ward no. 4, Nallu and a decision has been taken for the program as per the initial plan.

Half-Yearly Review and Planning Workshop 2023

Loo Niva and Patan CBR Jointly accomplished Half Yearly Review and Planning Workshop 2023 on 6th-8th July 2023 at Hotel Landmark, Pokhara. We review the past performed activities’ best practices and discuss the effective implementation of upcoming activities as well.

Hoarding Board Placing Program

On July 2, 2023, In coordination with Loo Niva Child Concern Group, Patan CBR organization, and Mahankal Rural Municipality, the hoarding board was placed with the message that let’s create a friendly and rights-oriented environment for girls, Dalits, and disability people at all the wards of Mahankal Rural Municipality, Lalitpur. […]


We are very happy to introduce you to second year program report on the project entitled “Promoting Right to Education and Protection of the most vulnerable children (PREP), 2021-2024 funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland through local partner Interpedia ry. The main objective of the program is […]

2nd phase Teachers training On Appreciative Inquiry

“2nd phase Teachers training On Appreciative Inquiry” jointly organized by Loo Niva Child Concern Group, Patan CBR and Yuwalaya in coordination with Mahankal and Konjyosom at Marigold Hotel, Nagarkot On 13 May and 14 May, 2023. Teachers from 4 Schools each from Mahankal and Konjyosom participated in the training.

Disability Help Desk

Conducted meeting with disability help desk coordinating with Konjyosom Rural Municipality on 10th April, 2023 for functioning of Disability help desk.Conducted meeting with Disability Help Desk Functioning and Operation with Mahankal Rural Municipality on 27th April, 2023.

Emergency support found and infrastructure accessibility audit report sharing

Conducted Meeting with Rural Municipality board, section officers and principals of schools of Konjyosom RM for emergency support fund and accessibility audit report on 9th April, 2023. Conducted Meeting with Rural Municipality board, section officials and principle of schools of Mahankal RM for emergency support found and infrastructure accessibility audit […]

Capacity Building Training

Capacity Building Training/Workshop on Child Rights & Child Protection, Disability Rights, Dalit Rights, Women & Girls Rights and Human Rights & Human Rights Based Approach” from 19-22 March at Hotel Country Villa, Nagarkot organized by Loo Niva Child Concern Group, CWISH, Patan CBR, & B.P. EYE Foundation with support from […]

Education material distribution program

An education material distribution program for Children with Disabilities was organized by Patan CBR organization in coordination with World Newah Organization Nepal Chapter and supported by Nepal Ireland Society Ireland. In education material distribution there are bags, copies, pencils. Altogether, we have support 15 children with disability of Patan Community […]


Altogether there are 39 schools in both Konjyosom and Mahankal Rural Municipality. Last Year in 2021 we have done this in 9 schools. In this year 2022, we have done an Accessibility Audit at 11 different schools. 4 schools from Mahankal Rural Municipality and 7 schools from Konjyosom Rural Municipality. […]