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AISP Project

Closing Ceremony Program

Accountable and Inclusive Schools (AISP) Project, 2017-2020 Closing Ceremony Program Disability Profile Book consisting of the project benefitted children with disabilities has been handed over to mayors of both Bagmati Rural Municipality and Mahankal Rural Municipality. The profile consisted of 21 children who had been provided with physiotherapy and 100 […]

Capacity Building Training

Capacity Building Training/Workshop on Child Rights & Child Protection , Disability Rights, Dalit Rights, Women Rights and Human Rights, Human Rights based approach for the Staff of the project “Promoting Right to Education and Protection of the most vulnerable children, 2021-2024” operating in Konjyosom and Mahankal Rural Municipalities. Organized by Patan CBR, […]

Picnic program

The picnic is an opportunity for CwDs to go for outing with their close ones has been the most-awaited and exciting day for the students of CBR. This year, the picnic was held in Bajrabarahi on 15th February 2020. Our main objective behind undertaking this event was to visit a […]

COVID 19 Response

Patan CBR distributed relief materials to the needy children of the center and to the project area Malta, Pyutar, Asrang, Gimdi and Thuladurlung of Southern part of Lalitpur District. Relief materials distributed were: rice, pulse, oil, salt, beaten rice etc for families of the children of the center whereas sanitizers, […]

Global Giving Activities

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Donors “Christmas Giving 2016 or Year End Fundraising Campaign 2016”

Donors “Christmas Giving 2016 or Year End Fundraising Campaign 2016” – 29/12/2016 The most recent at top Kathrin Schroder           US $ 30Anonymous                   US $ 95Sarah Marshall             US $ 30Flower Entertainment […]

Year End Fundraising Campaign 2016

Please help us donating our project for Rehabilitation for 50 Childen with disabilities in Globalgiving currently participating in Year end Fundraising Campaign 2016.

List of donors for Patan CBR Project of Global Giving

List of donors for Patan CBR Project of Global Giving Septemer 2013 global open challenge and onwards – August 16, 2018 Donor Name Date Amount(in US $) Alex Walker 15-Aug-18 254.23 Chandan Kumar Ray 15-Aug-18 15 Anonymous 14-Aug-18 10 Yu Ming Wang 22-July-18 300 Yu Ming Wang 22-Jun-18 300 Yu […]

Help for Patan CBR Project in Globalgiving

Help for Patan CBR Project in Globalgiving – 13/12/2016 Thank you all the donors for your great donation to our project placed in GlobalGiving. We became successful in raising the thresh hold amount $5000 from 40 unique donors within September 2013. Now we are “Superstar” partner of GlobalGiving. Till now […]